Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chapter One/Purple Prose

My arrival at the shabby seaside town of B_ _ _ _ _ was quite accidental (or so I thought). I had merely departed the train several stops early, as I was unwilling to face what waited for me at home. It had taken me little time to settle my late aunt's estate, as she had ever been a model of prudence and forethought. Now I stood in the misty grey street as evening began to close in - an early dark, as it was the off-season. A spot of color appeared when a neon light went on in a shop window. Its electrical connection was evidently imperfect, as the light flickered intermittently. I approached the window, idly curious as to what sort of optimistic soul expected to do business at that hour and in that place.

This is part one of the exquisite corpse web experiment. Lucy has already volunteered to write the second part or paragraph. When she's posted it, I will link both here and in a new links box at right (titled PURPLE PROSE). To follow the story, you'll have to follow the link.  I expect that any individual chapter wold need have a link* to what precedes it in place, and then link forward to the next post, so anyone coming in mid-story can track it back. We'll see where it goes - I'll be following it, and if at some point it lacks a volunteer for say a week, I'll jump in and bring it back here. Anyone can provide a conclusion at any time, and can start a new story. If you don't like writing in the first person, a third person could kill off the first person narrator - it's all up to the author. Can't wait to follow this!

*links for these should be to the individual post. Click on the time of the post or the title and you will go to a page with a specific address. Copy that address and link in the post with a href etc.

P.S. Thanks Lettie , whose pics of Eastbourne pier inspired this story beginning.

Purple Prose: The second chapter is here at a thousand words


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

What a great story and illustration. This is such a clever Idea. You have such talent. It's my special pleasure to know you. I just wanted to drop by to say, I hope you will enjoy your turkey day on tomorrow. You have been so kind with encouraging words and sharing your awesome illustration as well. As I said a little earlier, It's a awesome pleasure to know you. I wish you much joy and laughter and great peace.
Be blessed

Anonymous said...

I wanna write a piece for this, but I have eaten too much roast pork and crackling and my dad messed up the timing so it's eleven pm now and I cant think.

Balou said...

This sounds like great fun. I'll follow the story. And an awesome start!

parisa mahmoudi said...

Great story,And specially great illustration!!!I really love it!
Have a great time!

Son of Incogneato said...

Whoa! This looks like great fun. I feel like a hog after already getting one of your sticks, but can I play, too?

Tomás Serrano said...

I like your illustration, the composition and the power of suggestion. Wonderful, Susan.