Thursday, January 29, 2009

Solar Squirrel

An image using the squirrel's famous storage capabilities as a metaphor for solar storage. Technology exists for storing heat from the sun in pipes underground  for later use. And, just to be fair, here's a post about capturing water . In Paris, apparently a need to connect with the natural world has made street fishing popular among young people.

Edit: A Squirrel link, courtesy of Kyklops, for them as likes em.


Crackgerbal said...

hey there!

thanks for your cross linking!

I made you a friend on our site as a thanks!

J.G. said...

Someone gave me directions once that included "You'll know it's my house because I have a solar squirrel in my yard." Perhaps you can imagine how difficult it was to avoid answering, "HUH??" Apparently someone makes a squirrel-shaped yard ornament that lights up at night . . . but your version is way cooler.

varun said...

good one, it would be great if you could post at share thoughts this way more people can read it

grrl+dog said...

yes...this one communicates.. MAybe we can have a lunar squirrel to capture and store our dreams for when we need them most.

j. said...


Adam said...

The Squirrel in Nyack has nothing to say about this?

It's about time squirrels did something useful. In the UK, the American grey squirrel is seen a nuisance who killed off most of the native reds - and now they eat all of the food left out for the birds!

Thanks for the link.

kyklops said...

Hmm... and then (since we're on the topic of squirrels) there's this.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I was wondering the same thing as adam regarding squirrel in nyack.

never heard of the turn of phrase 'street fishing' but have seen plenty of urban fishing in cities all about....of course the big question always is are the fish safe to eat?

thanks for the informative post, I like the idea of a squirrel shaped solar shaped like a mouse would be mighty nice also