Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alice in Wonderland/The Caterpillar

She stretched herself up on tiptoe, and peeped over the edge of the mushroom, and her eyes immediately met those of a large blue caterpillar, that was sitting on the top with its arms folded, quietly smoking a long hookah, and taking not the smallest notice of her or of anything else.

Does anyone else think the caterpillar bears a curious resemblance to Mr. Punch? Although certainly his nature is quite different.

This is the image for May in the Wonderland Revisited 2010 Calendar.


Laurie Cannon said...

Mr. Punch, yes.
LOL, I love this set-up
very exotic
we laugh when we are pleased

Z-Kids said...

These are all wonderful!

Eva said...

What did Carrol smoke before he wrote this?

Rohzi E. said...

My goodness, this one is my favorite A-in Wonderland piece you've done so far. There is so much depth to this one. Very multi-dimensional. Love it.

By the way, I was looking through your t-shirts you have available for sell, and there are quite a few I need to get! I think I had intentions on doing that a while back, but it totally slipped my mind, lol.

You're an amazing artist, Susan.

lol @ Mr. Punch resemblance.

Anonymous said...

absolutely delightful.
honestly, i am not even a big alice in wonderland fan but your recent posts have endeared me a bit more to the whimsical story.

milly (elephants&redwoods) said...

I'm loving the Alice in Wonderland posts...this one is my favorite scene from the movie.

I am also inspired now to start a guerilla knit project now that the snow has melted...but I can't knit, so I will have to come up with an alternative.

Anonymous said...

he was always my favourite...

bindu said...

These are amazing! I've been reading them backward - starting from the one with the cat ... but you really should make a picture book of the original book. Very unique