Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lost: Inside the Hatch

      One Scotsman, a little the worse for wear but still quite attractive*
      One button labelled "execute" that needs to be pushed at
                  frequent intervals
      Dreams of sailing away

Now, after all this time, a knock on the ceiling.

I went to shoot this having forgotten to bring something to represent a computer terminal, but found this keyboard on the street with other equipment - borrowed and returned to its corner, gone later in the day. Can you tell what the hatch is? I will be publish an expanded view tomorrow, along with something/someone else you find in the Hatch.

Edit: for those who would like to see something LOST-like in the sense of existential mystery with sea breezes, without having to catch up on all the complications of the series, see "Talking to Honshu" here (British humor advisory).

*I didn't notice until I started drawing that the actor bears a striking resemblance to the late George Harrison - not sure if the final result looks more him than like Henry Ian Cusick.


mum said...

Boy, the storylines in Lost are something else. Each character has enough happening to him to fill a whole novel.

I'm guessing a dumpster? word verif says he's glumnin. I would be glumnin too, specially if it's hot outside.

Looking forward to the panoramic view.


Caio Fernandes said...

it is incredible every single detail of his cloths . lovely to see . but to do.......i feel tired just imagining.

mar azul said...
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mum said...

sorry, that was me getting mixed up in my IDs again.

after watching edit, I come to the conclusion Lost is not that complicated, after all.


Nao said...

It is so much fun coming here. Haven't been for a whole week, so here I go to see what creations you've been manifesting!

Always something fabulous~

Laurie Cannon said...

A metal file cabinet?


grrl+dog said...

the execute button sounds ominous..

grrl+dog said...

the execute button sounds ominous..

Eva said...

You may have wondered why I never comment this series -- I just don't watch it, sorry, I would just miss the point in your scenes.

California Girl said...

I don't know what the hatch is in "Lost" because I've never seen it BUT I did watch "Aliens" (sequel) last night and they were lost in an old settler's outpost running from the icky aliens. ugh. those things still give me the creeps all these yrs later. Way too much saliva & mucous goin' on!

lettuce said...

ha. british humour advisory made me smile.

(is that an example of british humour?)

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I'm loving the LOST series and need too catch up. I've been away for too long