Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...And two more royals

Monarch of all he surveys

...and a Red Queen of sorts

Both seen at the Academy of Science in golden Gate Park. I also saw Dragon Seahorses (AKA Leafy Sea Dragons) for the first time, I did not take a photo as they do not like light. I went with Tina, who has a stop motion film of Hans Christian Anderson's The Money Pig here, it is lovely but keep in mind it is Hans Christian Anderson and so quite mordant (his "beloved" status has always seemed dubious to me - it seems to me he was the Roald Dahl of his day).


Cobalt Violet said...

A magical underwater world ... So gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

the first shot looksl like some gorgeous silk painting..

and the second - well I know the Queen of Tea Cosies would love to immortalize him..

Needle Woven Studio said...

Hah! How perfect. And WONDERFUL!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

oh no this post was the catalyst for an earworm - "i'm hans christian anderson i've many a tale to tell"

now where did that come from? geez haven't thought of that song in decades!!!!

enjoyed tina's film!!

Megan said...

Now that's an interesting comparison. Andersen and Dahl? Must ponder.

Anonymous said...

oh the first photograph is so beautiful.

and how spectacular it must have been to see those seahorses.
did you know that regular seahorses like swimming in pairs by linking their tails together? I always found that little fact so lovely. I hope you do as well and I hope you are having an enjoyable evening.

Eva said...

Ocean life! More inspiration!
By the way, there is a Kandinsky version of the snail on his painting "Sky Blue" from 1940 -- the top left object.

Tom said...

there is a lot going on in that top photo...took me a moment to grasp what i was seeing!