Thursday, February 23, 2012

Neighborhood hijinks

Awhile back after a garage sale, I left a china Madonna sitting next door where my dear neighbor Carlos lives. It stayed there for about four months before it disappeared, making him nervous because he thought his neighbors would think that as someone from a Latin country he himself had placed it there in an effort to convert them. What they will make of a cherub blowing a marble out of a little trumpet I don't know.

Well, Carlos brought me some very nice soup last week so I figure he deserves a new guardian.

What can you put outside in your neighborhood? If you put a bit of small scale public artishness out, take a photo, and post it on your blog, I'll edit in a link in here.

Little people spotted here:

Titus the dog

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

unmaking while making

I inherited this disintegrating embroidery years ago from a deceased relative, while I acquired the mirror frame with no glass in my travels a week or so ago. These things came together as things will. They came apart too - the old fabric tearing and fraying as I sewed it around the armature.

Now I know from the comments I get people mostly look at the pictures here. But I'll just say that after I made this it occurred to me that the piece is something of an echo from what Andrew Sullivan has been posting about recently, the use of euphemism to distance ourselves from our own mortality. With the distance seems to come a loss of empathy and morality.  Anyway, in case you are interested, it was these three posts in combination that I recalled:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Going to Carcasonne...not to mention the Marseille flea market. Has anyone been?