Tuesday, June 26, 2012

World in a grain of lint?

I like this very much as it is, a very old piece of felt embroidered and appliqued, the furry part is some laundry lint from a gorgeous apple green wool blanket I fished out a dumpster. Then there are the clock parts and the broken jeweler's loupe. The pink things are wooden beads I sewed on. it is going to be attached and partially concealed as part of a larger piece, I will post that when I finish it. Anyway, I have a feeling that I will continue to prefer this component to the final work. Hmmm.


Charles Gramlich said...

There's a dumpster dive that paid off!

Brian Western said...

Short story idea. A slightly rumpled anti-hero muses aloud. Sitting in a physical therapy exam room--in between grappling and electricity--surrounded by lint balls extracted from his belly button during previous sessions. Belly button lint as unconscious consciousness...come back here you scamp!