Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wide World

Parts of a story....

I bought this very horizontal little frame at the Oakland Museum White Elephant sale, someone had framed what was evidently an original quote (second photo):

Though life is too short,
               it can be
                 ever so wide!

I was touched by the sentiment.

My brother in law passed on a book called A Sense of the World to me, it is about the Victorian Naval Officer, a man who became known as "The Blind Traveller", he circumnavigated the globe solo and wrote about it in travel books.

Since my brother in law is a sailor, I made him this little shadowbox with the 19th century ship, while keeping the original quote on the back. I neglected to mention that he and my sister were visiting on their own circumnavigation of the globe, which is quite a bit easier these days.

It only occurred to me afterward how these things connect.