Friday, May 31, 2013

We don't need no stinking apples

It says online that these guys like apples, but he seems to prefer catfood, although sometimes blueberries are acceptable. In any case, he is now being encouraged to eat outside as his apparent need to utliize the closet for some kind of marsupial seizure at 3 AM is not helping me to a night's sleep (the cat, on the other hand, sleeps right through it).

They are slightly uncanny, like something from a Japanese ghost story, with the fathomless dark eyes in the pale face.


Charles Gramlich said...

They are pretty distant cousins, being from a whole other family of mammals, the Marsupials. Definitely a bit strange. We've got several that visit us each night for scraps.

Karin på FOX said...

What a cute one! When I was in Melbourne earlier, I was hoping to see some cousins of his, but I missed them. Our host told us that her dog hunted them in the park during their evening stroll.

Anonymous said...

What is it? Very fluffy and interesting to look at