Friday, March 16, 2012

A Boy and his Dog

A Parian ware figure from a charity shop, this is rather unusual. Parian ware was made in the 19th century by molding porcelain in two halves which were then joined. This figure still shows the mold seam in one area, the inside shows marks where the solid mass of clay was removed. It is quite extraordinarily naturalistic, with the boy's shoulders being somewhat rounded as he leans toward the dog. Parian ware is by definition a solid color, yet this is colored with some very delicate low-fire paints. It has no marks. A mystery, and also a mystery that the boy's two gesturing fingers have survived the years.

I am not sure whether this is English or German in origin.


Karin på FOX said...

Nice. The person who made the figur had some experience in working with dogs.

Charles Gramlich said...

So cute. Love the delicate colors.

femminismo said...

That little boy is so sweet. The dog too.