Monday, March 26, 2012

Intersection 1

Heh, this was fun. I got some wonderfully ragged chenille yarn at a thrift store, I should have taken a before photo - honestly, it looked kind of like what I would imagine intestines to look like, pinky and white and kind of grubby. So, I was boiling it up on the stove to turn it green with some Rit dyes, but I had insufficient yellow, I started in on the spice cabinet. Turmeric is highly recommended! These green furry bits will eventually be incorporated into a show in the Fall at the Paxton Gate's kid store, the duck basket is available in my etsy store.

The show, which will include the embroidery animal head from a previous post, is going to focus on the intersection between nature and technology. I keep turning over in my head that people can bulldoze a forest, but on the other hand, as the uncombed one once said, "Rust never sleeps".

And as regards the chenille above, isn't the sewing needle a remarkable piece of technology, and isn't sewing- at least by hand- one of the closest imitations of nature technology is capable of? Although I suppose computers are all about interconnectedness as well.

This is going to be CRUNCHY!