Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another post about obsession

What is it about changing the world as it is 
that fascinates creative people,
and why do people become obsessed with making 
the things they make?
In this case, back about 50 years ago, someone crocheted 
around a miniature rolling pin and then attached two cup hooks,
from which they dangled matching doilies
(Listed in my etsy shop).
It's a strange elaboration of a handsome, useful object-
the rolling pin- into a completely inutile one, 
which can only be hung on the wall and admired after the maker
has finished with it. 

Was this a kit?
Or did the maker come up with an original design?



swiped from Andrew Sullivan


Charles Gramlich said...

I think people get very attached to things. we hate to let them go, and if we can transform them it becomes wonderful to us.

tony said...

Funky Organic Audio Headphones?

Celeste Bergin said...

very much a mystery!

Eva said...

Document of a very, very boring life.

ArtSparker said...

Eva- I'm not sure about that, we are all insisting that our vision must be seen...and I have to admit, I like the color choices.

Titus said...

I think, sometimes, we just have to make. There's a control element in it too. And then some things say 'effort' so clearly it is hard to let them go. That said, the covered rolling pin is surreal.
And the why is always because it was there.

ger said...

This photo made my day...;)
P.S. Still reading, the long one (I´m reading it on the subway, which takes its time as I don´t have to go often, fortunately - and a good idea not to read it at night in bed, bloodcurdling as it is...)