Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Above, a photo from the Barbara H. Donnelly book "The Crewel Needlepoint World", published in 1973. If middle-aged ladies needed yet another reason to craft, she advises "Vests showing your man's hobbies will be a favorite with him". Imagine the possibilities...A vest lovingly embroidered with little motocycles for HIM to wear at the Harley Davidson Clubhouse on Saturdays. Can you think of more?

He likes it, really.

I am contemplating linkage here, as in April 2, posts of raw materials or work in progress (as long as it's not too far along). I would link those up, then May 2 link to the finals (as always, I would add in to the post as people posted their own).

TFE, before you ask, I don't know if the needlepoint world is more unkind than any other.


Titus said...

'My huband's hobby is drinking.' Drinking?! What wife of evil made that one?
And what is the bow-tie dude's hobby? So far I've got fly-fishing, heraldry and cutting keyholes in hearts. Basically, stumped.

Sarah said...

I love the alcohol loving man's vest! The title is marvellous!

Anonymous said...

poor suckers!

I got a stack of these recently..

Eva said...

If I really intended to humiliate my husband, I'd send him out into the world with his model cars of 1960 on his vest.

By the way -- saw your crewel embroidery on your Etsy shop. That tiger is breathtaking.

ArtSparker said...

Thank you, Eva. I added you to my circle on Etsy - will add your shop to my favorites when you have some things in it, so email me when you do.

California Girl said...

Hey, it was the Seventies, all right? Guys were wearing polyester or nylon shirts with large collars, unbottoned to their navels, in horrific prints of blues& browns & greys & psychedelic swirls. Truly. I remember. This is nothing.

btw, I did alot of crewel embroidered pillows & framed work while in college. I loved it. Erica Wilson was a famous embroidery artist who licensed hr work in kits & I spent hours on them with beautiful, tasteful results. Unfortunately, nowadays, crewel is out of fashion & her work is hard to find.

Rick said...

"Drinking" is nicely portrayed (I say that without irony!), but it would take a true artist to somehow express "watching the world go to hell" on a vest.
Er... not that that's *my* hobby, or anything... Just sayin'... :-)

Celeste Bergin said...

One of the nicest things about being the age I am is looking back on the strange ideas of yesteryear...(but we didn't think they were strange at all then). lol. My Mother (a wonderful seamstress) made my then husband an entire suit (pants, vest, jacket) in a plaid polyester fabric. He wore it! lol...and we laugh our heads off when we see photos of it. Thanks for the walk down memory lane....(and the Dude on the left is extra handsome!) ahhhhhh, tight clothes were all the rage.