Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Isn't she lovely, people?

Shortly after I took this photo, the day's sunlight, in the words of James Branch Cabell, "took the last cloud going West" here on the left coast. Above is a photo of a local treasure, built in 1926. The owner, Alan Michaan, has traditionally used one of the four faces of the marquee for advocacy over the years, most recently for the abandonment of electronic voting and the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. On Saturdays, Women in Black (an organization protesting the Occupation of Palestine) faces a Zionist organization on the opposite corner. It's a good time to recall Rodney King's "Can't we all just get along?"

If you like, you can read into the conjunction of words in the photo.


Femin Susan said...

it is my pleasure that i met you.There is a surprise hidden in every word of yours.
Happy new year!

troylloyd said...

"conjunction of words"

oh yes, quite a conjunction indeed, the owner of the joint seems cool as butterbeans, a true patriot i'd say, how i love people that actually love people, many call them eccentric, but alas, they are a manifestation of something to strive for.

i dig old movie-houses, i always use the term movie-house when talking about the cinema shows, i like the way it sounds, like how junk-store sounds better than thrift-store.

it's good to see a resurgence in local communities, momentarily i had thot that Wal_Mart was killing them off, but somewhy the little towns seem to be onna uplift, at least here in the southeast -- i travel around for my gig & stay at various small little towns, i've noticed an upswing in the commitment of folks to preserve their localities & come together -- this, after a spread of years inwhich their demise seem'd inevitable, so i'm uplift'd when i see the revitalization occur like i've seen.

even in my little po-dunk town it's happening, see:
Gem Theatre

& Atlanta has the Fox still swingin' strong, it's a true movie palace.

sadly, no cool eccentric owners, i kinda wish Jane Fonda was still together w/ Ted Turner -- Ted Turner is pretty cool.

i'm very proud of Jimmy Carter, he is a great Georgian & the spirit of his work carries my freakwings upon the warm winds of altruistic interchange.

ArtSparker said...

t.l.-Oakland has a number of these old beauties, the Paramount still in use, the Fox being restored, and the Parkside, a humbler venue, furnished with couches and showing eccentric films on certain evenings. For art deco architecture in general in this city, see the film Fearless.

Avid Reader said...

Happy New Year! I miss the old one movie movie houses, velvet and pretty art deco lighting....

I enjoyed Benj. Button even though it got some bad reviews. I loved the time element and the art direction so much...

Reya Mellicker said...

I used to love going to the movies there. Wonderful reminder.

Let 2009 be a year of many many movie dates.