Friday, October 17, 2008

Baryshnikov Leaf

A dance to Fall, this leaf appears at the request of  Reya at Gold Puppy ,who knows a thing or two about the secret lives of leaves. Oops -someone pointed out the link wasn't working - it's fixed now.

In other news: I just joined up with a Halloween Party, headquartered at A Fanciful Twist (see link at right), anyone who needs a little break from the economy and the election may want to attend.

1 comment:

Reya Mellicker said...

Beautiful! I love the way shapes resonate. My dog's ears, for instance, when viewed from the back of his head, look just like Chinese fortune cookies.

Many standing ovations for this leaf.

Where in Northern California do you live? I lived in San Francisco for fifteen years, spent as much time as I could in Sonoma and Mendecino counties. I'm a real east coast kind of person these days, but I remember with so much fondness my California life.

Will you email?