Monday, October 20, 2008

More Sticks for Placement

More sticks for the asking - first three people to tell me which one they'd like get a stick. My hope is that when it is sent to you, you will leave it for someone to find - just as a surprise. If you choose to take a photo of it in situ, I will post the photo here with a link to your blog.
#3 has been claimed. 


Nao Sims said...

I WANT ONE! I will take number 3 if it's available.

Thanks for all the great blog recommendations by the way.

Hope this day finds you as inspired as always.

P.S.- Glad to know you're an incredible string band fan!

C. L. DeMedeiros said...

another thing in common
I have a body of work with sticks
that I collect in several places.
sticks, drift wood and stones
I have special passion for.

Steve said...

These are really great. Very distinctive looking, and I like your idea of "sharing" them.

I Have a Dream said...

Oooh I like number two, what a wonderful Idea. Do you have to be local to you?