Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Now on Etsy

ArtSpark Theatre is now on Etsy with decorative wall plates and reconfigured figurines. Illustration resumes tomorrow with a fall theme.


matt dawson said...

Your blog has some really wonderful things to explore! I love the Hillaire Belloc pieces, especially the Babboon, your illustrations are truely inspirational (love the little chimp by his feet). Thanks for visting my blog, and the kind words of advice...sorry for the slow reply :)

Bill Stankus said...

Thanks for the stop-by, I appreciate your comments. Originally I started my blog with no intention of doing political stuff - considering the way things are I simply couldn't resist - now I'm trying to figure out how to switch back to doing/showing more creative things.

Nao Sims said...

Your such a creative inspiration!

Thanks for the tip on the " Wapameo summer camp."
It's too fun!

And the Yeats poem, which I didn't know!

Excellent recommendations, as always.