Monday, October 13, 2008

Three Sticks

Here is a revival of a project I did several years ago, in which I planted sticks around for people to make off with - just a way to bring some startlement into daily life. I understand now that I was doing guerrilla art. So I'm thinking - anyone want to play? Just ask and I will send you one of these beauties - you can specifiy which one you would like in the comments, then i'll email you for where to send it. I Would just request that you do the same - ie, leave them for someone to find. If you choose to take a photo of it in situ where it's left. I 'll post it here with a link to your web site. If anyone wants to make a stick and send it to me, I'll take a photo for you. 

EDIT: Sticks are all spoken for. More soon - maybe next week


Son of Incogneato said...

Oh yes, I want one of those sticks. I am willing to forgo my claim on the checkerboard-nosed horse if you will take me into consideration. The only problem is that I live half way around the world – this might make your proposition an expensive one.

I have a magical stick that I made several years ago; The Ooodie Stick. I will post a photo of him on my blog. I’m going to hide the link – so you'll have to dig a bit to find it. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he had a secret wish to go travelling. I’ve noticed lately that he is getting a bit dusty. That’s a sure sign of travelling notions.


anya said...

I just dropped in from the Black Box. I too new to your blog to say I would love a stick? I have been thinking about guerilla art off and on lately thinking that I would like to do something like that. It kind of reminds me of the people who are doing the same thing at the bookstore with their "post" secrets. (Have you seen that blog? post secrets is the name.)

If you are inclined to forward me one of those magical sticks, though it would be a great, great temptation to put it somewhere and then find it myself, I will not. I'll put it somewhere and photograph it. Wouldn't it be fun if one had the time to lurk about until someone found the stick then video her as she discovered it. (Or he. Isn't that whole thing with he and she and they tedious!?) Unfortunately I'm not that patient, nor do I have a video camera. If you do send me a stick, once I see how you made it I'll try to make one and I can send it to you if you like; though I expect it won't be quite as beautiful a stick as yours. Now I'm going to check out your blog. Got sidetracked by the sticks.

My email address, by the way, is at my blog: or here:

notmassproduced said...

oh i wish i could join in the stick fun - but i'm swamped in work at the moment :o( maybe next time. I like all the art that I've missed around here :o)

lilaphase said...

Thank you for commenting on my fledgling blog. I am not familiar with Shirley Jackson. When I searched for her stories on the internet, I only found the creepy ones. I will have to do more research.

I love the sticks and the guerilla art idea. I travel to Europe somewhat frequently, so I would love to take one with me there, if that idea is pleasing to you?

If so, contact me at

Nao Sims said...

As always, you are up to the BEST things!

What a brilliant idea. And it would seem you're already sold of outta sticks!

I am cheering you on over here!!!!

milly (elephants&redwoods) said...

OH, Im so sad I missed this. What a fun game. I'm sure the RISD students here in Providence, RI wouldve loved this. Maybe I will catch one next time!! GREAT IDEA. I love your blog. So fun.

(M)ary said...

that sounds like an awesome project. has me thinking of ways to do the same in my neighborhood.