Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Uninvited

I fear thee, ancient mariner!
I fear thy skinny hand!
And thou art long, and lank, and brown
As is the sea-ribbed sand!
- from The Ancient Mariner*, Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I'm seeing one of those 3-D animations, with Clint Eastwood in the title role and Robin Williams as the wise-cracking albatross who just won't stay dead. May we could Nemo the fish in there too. I'm open to suggestions for the Wedding Guest, let me know if you have any ideas.

*For those who didn't have this in school, it is a very long poem advising respect for living creatures, but in the most convoluted manner you can think of.


Totalfeckineejit said...

That's not The Ancient Mariner! That's Ronnie Drew of The Dubliners.Always expect the unexpected and always invite the uninvited.If you can try drinking the undrinkable ,I'm giving it a lash right now .Har!

Tom said... you feel lucky, punk?

How 'bout Steve Martin?...he could do a prat fall into the cake or something.

Rick said...

I remember in first year lit doing that poem. I scored huge brownie points with the prof because it seemed that I was the only one in the class who'd actually read the whole thing. It was me and him talking about it for the whole class.

Unfortunately the albatross still can't seem to catch a break (some sad, disturbing images):

Anonymous said...

sometimes, you are so clever I don't know what you're saying.
: )

note: the above is a play on the words of oscar wilde. I am asuming you knew that but I said it just to avoid you thinking me dense....

Bill said...

But what wonderful convolutions! Fantastic picture. There's a graphic novel there somewhere... Must've been done...