Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lost Boys/Another Man in Black

So I was thinking about how Hamlet is the drama of adolescence (sure enough, I checked on Google, and this has occurred to other people as well). Brought to mind another guy who dressed in black, the character Kiefer Sutherland played in the 1987 horror comedy Lost Boys. This may have been the first film in this genre, it had a wonderful cast and script. The subtext was (and this is the main thread to Hamlet) that adolescents, with their bizarre fashions and bad attitudes, are in fact different in kind (and I know some of my readers were born around the same time or after this film was released).
     When Keifer and his blood-sucking pals wander into Max's video shop and are asked to leave, Max (Edward Herrman) remarks to Lucy (Dianne Wiest), "Bad kids". 
     "Aw, we were young once", she replies. But they're all VAMPIRES (before vampires were considered good boyfriend material). 
      Anyway, highly recommended for those who want to see Kiefer before he started saving the world. Coreys, we hardly knew ye. Link to trailer. Anybody else got any pop culture favorites?

P.S.: Do NOT rent the sequel by mistake - apparently it's unwatchable.


bindu said...

I loved your gargoyles from your previous posts! And the mosaic piece with his face and hands sticking out. Very cutely scary. :)

Candace said...

Hello Susan! Found you through urbandon and wow, what a true treasure this site is -- enjoy the pop culturalism, lol. Your teeshirts are fantastic and FUNtastic, and as I do art, do cards, do Mad Hatter Tea Parties in October, love rabbits, foxes -- you have a fan.
And, I just have to say, Dianne W was right when she said,
"They dress better then we did... ".

Candace in Athens.

And they did!
love your creations.

Adam said...

Great picture. The film had a good soundtrack too.

It's funny how his dad then later played a role in Buffy the Vampire Killer!

lettuce said...

such a great film

we always liked the Frog brothers

btw. just saw Let the Right One In - an amazing film.

J.G. said...

Does Dr. Horrible count?

I like the way it stands stereotypes on their heads. Not too far from Hamlet, where I find myself rooting for him to commit murder . . .

Squirrel said...

Heathers is one of my pop culture faves, but for all time fave-- I guess Rebel without a Cause. But I'm thinking pop culture "teenager: Life 101" films, (The Breakfast Club etc...) I probably have a list for each genre... horror, sci fi, vampires, college, nerds...

tony said...

Well CLOCKWORK ORANGE springs to Mind,although that might say more about Me than The Movies!!!!
Have A Good Easter

ArtSparker said...

Adam- Donald Sutherland was apparently quite difficult to work with - walked all over Joss Whedon's direction. Luckily, we got the series.
Lettuce - Thanks, I almost rented that the other night now I will.
J.G.- Pretty much a Joss Whedon fan
Squirrel-I want to do something with "Rebel without a Cause" with my china figures, possibly just one scene.
Tony-I will keep Clockwork Orange in mind.

Nemo said...

Yeah, I remember liking that movie when it came out. It did span a whole brethren of bastard children though.

Rohzi E. said...

lol...reading your blogs always makes me feel so underexposed.

: - )