Friday, April 3, 2009

David and Goliath

Another big and little image. The duckheaded creature is a decorative garden piece, for those who like that sort of thing, and the little guy with the sword is, of course, Wilbert Carms Hamilton. 

News of the Tiny Balou, at bornagirl, directed me to the website of fellow Wisconsonian (?) Steve Tomashek, who has this wonderful instructional video on how to carve a mouse, but I think it might take a bit of practice to get to his level of expertise.


Eva said...

A reinactment of the David and Goliath story would probably have a very convincing effect and remain a unique performance. But stop! -- Sugar in his head, a Chinese collar, roses in his heart -- is this Goliath?

Jane said...

What wonderful creations!

aimee said...

i've just peeked through your mosaic and illustration sites and WOW. wow wow wow.

you have my mind stuck on burano now - i think i know where i need to go next :)

grrl+dog said...

I just go nuts over these, not sure why. perhaps it's the absurdity, grandma's treasures so mis treated, and then there is the pure envy of a collagist, that these pieces must be perfect in themselves, and not tampered with..