Saturday, April 25, 2009


A windy day in San Francisco, one of the smaller paintings in (and on) Clarion Alley next to Community Thrift. The murals are a project of Precita Eyes, which has tours if you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco.

In other news, I have a big announcement just around the corner, AKA Monday.

My sources (thanks, grrl) tell me the above is not a painting, it's a three-layer stencil.


ger said...

Murals/graffiti can be such fun - why it´s mostly boring adolescent scribble around here (megatons of it...) I don´t know

Son of Incogneato said...

I love big announcements and am very excited.

tony said...

Street Art Can Brighten The Place Up!
big announcement Ahoy!

Coffee Messiah said...

That's what I miss about being near the Mission District, although before I left, the yuppies were starting to take over and rents were starting to rise. I had a few friends who left because of it.

Hey, Thanks 4 sharing the picture
; )

Mr Lee said...

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j. said...

oh how exciting!

also, let me just say i adore this blog.
and all the comments you leave on mine.
they truly brighten my day.
: D

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful mural.
You have my curiosity!

grrl+dog said...

that's a fantastic three layer stencil, well placed too. Oh, and it's monday here..cough up!

aimee said...

gorgeous mural! i bet san francisco has a ton of eye candy.

looking forward to hearing your big news :)

lettuce said...

wow, its fabulous