Sunday, August 30, 2009

Three Alices

Bee kindly provided transportation for Alice's visit to her native Oxford.

Lettuce in London has also sent Alice travelling.

Here she views the reading selection across the broad Atlantic in New England on Subtorp's bookshelves.


Titus said...

Lovely Alices - particularly like her good taste revealed in the final picture.

I'm not going any lower.

Eric Barclay said...

Excellent! Really like her placed with the books.

femminismo said...

That's quite a rabbit! And, yes, she looks at home amongst the books. - Jeanne

Coffee Messiah said...

Nice ones!

Too windy and rainy this week.

Hope to get her somewhere this week ; )

lettuce said...

she must be worn out


Anonymous said...

Alice continues to have adventures.
Does she choose the places she visits or is she invited?

Caroline said...

My, she gets around - great locations all!

California Girl said...

these are all great. the rabbit is killer.