Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dramtais Personae # 3

Lady Mary Saquee is noted for her frequent improvisation in mid-performance, possibly inspired by the case of Dom Perignon which she keeps in her dressing room. This inspires some anxiety on the part of her fellow-performers.

News of the Tiny: I got a strange email which I am going to investigate further, apparently a project of the Elsewhere Public Works Agency, who did this miniature art installation in San Francisco's Mission District.

Here are tiny world pincushions by artist Mimi Kirchner

And here is a link to a small scale sculpture by jeweler Bruce Metcalf...if George Grosz had been a metalsmith...


flawsnall said...

this is so damn amazing! there's so much personality...

ger said...

A friend told me he saw something on TV about someone doing tiny street-installations (miniature ships afloat in a puddle, tiny men climbing up dogshit on a ladder (don´t know who, where, when unfortunately...)

Anonymous said...

i think this is marvelous.

i love all your recent posts by the way.
forgive me for not commenting on all of them but they really are grand and i hope you kno they are appreciated.

as always, thanks for your kind words and thanks for sharing your art.


Indrani said...

Wow! How do you make that?
Is it a single piece?

jude said...

tiny is such a big idea.

Balou said...

Oh Lady Mary Saquee - I am your biggest fan! Beautiful work!

I have been a fan of Mimi Kirchner's works for a long time. And thanks for the introduction to Bruce Metcalf's work.

Here's a link to Steve Tomashek's website. He's an artist from this area that you'll appreciate. He makes wonderful miniature wooden sculptures and also creates miniature menageries with his creations. http://home.earthlink.net/~stomashek/

lettuce said...

she is wonderful

(so are those tiny worlds!)