Friday, March 20, 2009

Search and Rescue

James Antiques is on Telegraph near Alcatraz in Berkeley. It's an extraordinary environment, with many hidden treasures. Many of the components of my figurines come from here, and the owner, James Cross, has told me I can take some pictures here...I'm thinking the Scottish play, although I have a lot left to do on Hamlet and should concentrate on that. If anyone has any teeny tiny pieces of plaid that they want to see up on the virtual stage, let me know.


flawsnall said...

ewwww, ArtSpark...Gera and I visited a couple of antique stores this spring break week too...we even went garbage bagging...i was thinking of posting 1 or 2 pics...this post of yours has certainly inspired me to do so...great stuff...but then again...any thrift, antique, secondhand store in Berkeley is (for me) like shopping at Barneys.

can wait to see what you invent!

Neo said...

looks like my kind of store. I don't know if you saw my post titled Loss, I used to have a small collection of antiques including a few books and a copper 1gallon bucket
I do miss those things

Tessa said...

I could live in a place like that - the treasures!

Bee said...

I'm think of some tattered boxer shorts (plaid, that is)!

Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

Indrani said...

Interesting the antique pieces.

I have posted on something you may be interested.