Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stick in Oslo and Chapter 3

This stick arrived somewhat the worse for wear after its long journey, but has now been repaired and sent out into the world by Son of Incogneato, who writes:

The deed is now done; your magik stick has been released into the population of Oslo.
I placed it yesterday (27.11.08) outside the main public library in Oslo, Deichmanske Bibliotek; it is one of my favourite haunts and attracts artsy-fartsy people like me. I put it at the foot of a statue of Arne Garborg, the famous Norwegian writer. You might be interested to know that Garborg translated the Odyssey into Nynorsk, or New Norwegian, which is one of the two forms of modern Norwegian.
In any case, I hung around with my camera for a while to see if I could document the Taking of the Stick, but as I had no takers, I went into the library to fetch some reading material. Pleasant was my surprise when I exited forty minutes later and your illustrious stick was gone.

Son also took on the challenge of adding Chapter 3 to the purple Prose Story. If anyone wants to take on Chapter 4, leave a comment for him that you'd like to do so, then a second comment when you've done so. You'll need to provide links to the Chapter before and after yours.

Note: Stick #9 is still available


Anonymous said...

Tempting.... the stick adventures is like a mini Odyssey as well. I may have to play Circe and get the little piggies out to play.

ArtSparker said...

grrl -

Please feel free to join in with making your own, sending around, or whatever else appeals to you.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love all the ways that people are interconnecting via the internet. The stick passing is great.

My family mailed a Homer Simpson doll to each other a few years back. While in possession, we each took pictures of the doll that we then posted on our family website.

Hey are you on Facebook? If so, will you make me a friend of yours? I'll post some pics of the BIZARRE mosaics I saw in Philly.

Balou said...

Oh how fun! You now can claim that your art sticks are "an international phenomena, adored by all who encounter them." Walk loudly and carry a small stick.

Squirrel said...

is that the head of Gustav Vigeland behind stick? or one of the king Kristians or Olafs or