Friday, November 21, 2008


This is not a terribly distinguished photo, and mostly about the story. Last week I noticed a crew cutting down some sizable trees in a yard in my neighborhood. This is always distressing, and I decided to check to see if the above tree, near the place I lived in five years ago, was still there. As you can see, it is still doing its patient work of breaking up the asphalt and seems to have sprouted a relative since my time. Things with roots are patient. In the Other City (as this Oaklander refers to San Francisco) there is a tree court. People have to prove to a judge that there is a reason to cut down a tree of mature years on their property. Maybe that's true in other cities?

Why the crown in the corner? Just an example of  the human need to assert primacy as a contrast to the tree. Crowns abound in the city of Oakland for extremely humble businesses. 


pRiyA said...

tree courts would be great if they were a must in every city. here too, mature trees are vanishing really quickly in the name of development.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hello the black box brought me here. That is a very impressive looking tree.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love crowns. I scan the landscape for crowns and crown shapes all the time. Have you ever looked at old maps of the sky? Besides all the usual constellations, ancient astronomers also 'saw' crowns all over the sky. Oh yeah.

As for the trees, here in DC we wait too long to cut trees. We can't bear to cut them down even after they're dead. Inevitably a storm will blow through, knock down the tree which will always of course crush a car or drop through someone's roof.

Out in the suburbs it is a different story of course.

I wrote about trees today, too.

Nao said...

I think Trees are old wise ones, teachers and good friends, particularly to city dwellers, who need this green wisdom even more. In Vancouver, we are divided on this topic. There are those of us who love our trees, who cherish them, and there are those who can't resist the old growth wood, and insist on cutting them down.