Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Question # 3:When is a wall not a wall?

Answer: When it opens an eye . This is a little masterpiece made of recycled bricks near where I live (just so you know it's not ALL abandoned couches).

Sometimes the the surround feels dense, opaque and unyielding, sometimes everything seems to fall into place.

...It is there, being imperfect, and with these things
And erudite in happiness, with nothing learned,
That we are joyously ourselves and we think

Without the labor of thought, in that element,
And we feel, in a way apart, for a moment, as if
There was a bright
scienza outside of ourselves,

A gaiety that is being, not merely knowing.
The will to be and to be total in belief,
Provoking a laughter, an agreement, by surprise.

      - Excerpt from Of Bright & Blue Birds & the Gala Sun, Wallace Stevens

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I have one more question, more specific, planned for later.


Nao said...

Just beautiful, words images, all of it.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hey Susan, that's a beautiful post/photo and poem that I hadn't seen before, so thanks for that and also mucho thanky for the link to my blog.Gwanyagudthing! As we say here in Ireland :) Love all your stuff, great blog, the Vertigo kids (Novak /Stewart) are brilliant.

Lynn said...


The wall reminds me of a small support wall near my old home, they broke a rake while building it so they put the rake in the wall. Charming

California Girl said...

that wall is a masterpiece of masonry. it's wonderful. the Wallace Stevens poem is as well.

Wildeve said...

what a cool wall. I loved the poem, too

mum said...

this is a fantastic construction - I don't just mean the wall but also the layers you've built in this post. I love the Pessoa; the cautious optimism at Totalfechineejit; and the other take on infinite regression at the end of Rings around the world.

Great stuff, Susan. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...


mouse (aka kimy) said...

that is one glorious wall!

herhimnbryn said...

Beautiful . Thankyou for posting this.